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Full Name : Asmirandah
Place, date of birth : Jakarta, 5 October 1989
Last Education : Next Academy, majoring in directing
Zodiac : Scorpio
Favorite movie : Serendipity, Titanic, Love Me If You, Notebook, Life is Beautiful

Asmirandah his career debut in the entertainment world was when he played in one of the soap opera that is hanging mating, after which his career was her nickname Button began to climb. His name began in the know public mob in acting in various soap operas such as love smu, smu love 2, infinite love, infinite love 2, and much more. Also Asmirandah also frequently starred in some of its advertising products ax effect, Gery chocolate, and much more. His name began to be discussed are often not only through the television screen but also through cyberspace (the internet) also Asmirandah many diperbinangkan ... especially because it has a beautiful face with a white skin Asmirandah it certainly can attract so many men either real or unreal

Foto Seksi Asmirandah

Foto Seksi Asmirandah

Foto Seksi Asmirandah

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